Emerging Technology Workshop: 3D Visualisations and Data Scenario Modelling

What you'll learn

Workshop description

Data is everywhere. It’s on our phones, in our homes, on the streets and in the skies. But sometimes it can be hard to get a handle on what all that data means – especially when you’re trying to present it in an accessible way. That’s where Virtualitics comes in!

Imagine a world where you could see your data in front of you, in 3D, and interact with it. Virtualitics’ AI platform allows organisations to rapidly process complex data into powerful multi-dimensional graph visualizations, and predict future business outcomes with clear, explainable no-code AI modeling.

With their Shared Virtual Office feature, there’s a possibility to turn VR systems into teleconferencing rooms where employees can discuss insights from data while having it life-sized in front of them. As a business owner, you’ll have the opportunity to discover and see that you need a dozen VR headsets to get going with the software, as Virtualitics is pushing experiences on desktop and mobile, as well.

You will also learn:

  • Why the gap between the analytics teams and the business has prevented AI success
  • Why visualisations are critical to get the business and the analytics teams aligned and to build trust
  • How the practical application of AI can be made easy for every-day people to trust, and leverage

During the workshop

During this workshop, you’ll discover how to use machine learning models to quickly find and visualise relationships among hundreds of variables to understand the ones that drive your problem at hand. As an attendee, you will also have a chance to see how to better interact with data through ad hoc visualisations in 3D and VR.

You’ll even get an opportunity to see some use cases where teams collaborate across different geographic locations, interacting and analyzing data together—which is much more effective than exchanging PDFs or screen sharing!

Benefits & outcomes:

VR data visualisation is the next step in the evolution of business intelligence platforms. This technology allows companies to gain a deeper level of understanding in the stories being told by their raw data, and this is only possible because of the collaborative nature of virtual reality.

Incorporating VR into an office scenario could be one way for office workers to experience some of the benefits of in-person collaboration with coworkers, as those who commute to physical locations have. This could easily be the solution you have been searching for to the push-back in the professional world to going back to work, as remote work powered by AI/VR/AR technology could be a game-changer.

*This half-day workshop can be delivered online or in person and is popular for college teaching staff, IT Managers and students (who can also be delivery partners and interact with business attendees where workshops are presented in person).  It will be 3 or 4 hours in duration and led by an expert facilitator.