Emerging Technology Workshop: 3D Space Capture & Digital Twins

What you'll learn

Workshop description

This workshop will introduce you to the Matterport platform, which is a fast and affordable way to capture engaging virtual walk-throughs of interior spaces. Using dedicated camera hardware or a number of other camera models, you are able to photograph and scan a location which is then turned into a 3D digital twin of the space.

Aims for the workshop:

By attending this workshop, you will gain an understanding of the benefits and limitations of using digital twins created with Matterport technology. The workshop will explore the reasons for creating a digital twin and how they can help your business be more efficient. When constructing or renovating a space, it can be extremely helpful to be able to see and share the space with others. Once captured a space can be explored by anyone, anywhere in the world.

What you will learn:

Matterport provides all of the tools needed to create and share immersive experiences online. You will see how labels and tags can be added to a model to enhance understanding and guide a user around a space. You will also discover how easy it is to use a Virtual Reality headset, like the Meta Quest, to explore the space and make it feel like you are really there.

You will discover how quick and flexible the process is and how powerful the results can be.


This workshop will teach you all about Matterport technology, including how it works and what types of industries it can benefit from. Construction professionals, design and development teams, architects, interior designers and installation specialists will be able to learn how others have used Matterport to create compelling content that helps people understand complex environments.

Creating a Matterport model and the resulting user experience can be a valuable asset to a wide variety of industries, including museums, retail, hospitality and visitor attractions, as well as construction, engineering, architects and properties for sale.

*This half-day workshop can be delivered online or in person and is popular for college teaching staff, IT Managers and students (who can also be delivery partners and interact with business attendees where workshops are presented in person).  It will be 3 or 4 hours in duration and led by an expert facilitator.