What you'll learn

Course description

This course will empower you to discover what the Metaverse is and what potential it has for you and your business or career. Our world class instructors and invited industry guests will help you to understand new Metaverse technologies and concepts such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, extended Realities (VR, AR, MR), decentralised ledgers, and the token economy.  

The course will discuss ways to build your career or business using Metaverse technologies and covers the opportunities, challenges and risks associated with the Metaverse. You’ll also explore the disruptive potential of Web3 and its business implications.

Course outline

We discover and understand how a blockchain works and use cases, including cryptocurrencies that power applications, platforms and whole virtual worlds.

We continue our journey on Blockchain use cases, focusing on Dapps, token economy and the opportunities unlocked by Initial Coin Offering (ICO) through case studies and examples.

We discover and understand what makes NFTs unique and their disruptive use cases. We discover together the process to create an NFT and where you can buy/ sell it.

We define together the Metaverse and give many examples of existing ones. We explore the Metaverse markets numbers, use cases, leading players and investors. Finally, we set up a Metamask wallet and explore the Decentraland world to introduce and understand tokens and NFTs practically.

We introduce the concept of Virtual and Augmented realities. We understand that immersive reality raises concerns about digital identity, safety and fairness in the Metaverse. We will create an avatar and explore the immersive reality of the Spatial Metaverse.

We picture the landscape of Web 3 as a convergence of the previously explored concepts and technology. We view the leading players and critics. We compare and understand the difference between Web 1 and Web 2. What can you do on Web 3?

We will explore further the Web 3 landscape. But, before jumping into it, we will try to figure out what Web 3 will look like in 10 years and what technical and ethical problems need to be solved.


Online, cohort-based and facilitator guided.


This course will be delivered via slides, videos, quizzes, discussions and interactive assignments. There will be a start and end date and one cohort taking the course.