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Delivering Digital Education Resources to address the Skills Gap

As the shift towards digital education continues, ensuring equal access to resources and addressing digital literacy gaps are becoming increasingly crucial. Simply having access to technology and connectivity is not enough to guarantee success in distance and virtual learning.

To truly take advantage of online educational resources and avoid falling behind, students and teachers must possess the necessary digital skills, including proficiency in emerging technologies. This requires a comprehensive approach that addresses both access to resources and digital literacy education.

Emerging Tech
AI for Business

It is imperative for the Further Education sector to start upskilling and enhancing their curriculum offerings, hence, MKAI brings into focus the development of emerging technology skills with the help of  innovations such as AI, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Metaverse, AI Readiness in Business and more.

MKAI Education understand the importance of addressing these issues and are committed to providing the necessary educational tools and technical support to ensure that every student and teacher has the digital skills they need to thrive in the digital age.

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AI Readiness in Business

Understand the rapidly developing potential of Artificial Intelligence both within your organisation and in its business environment to increase efficiency, safety and competitiveness


Learn how this business data visualisation tool can allow stakeholders from across your organisation to come together in VR to view, discuss and act upon vital data in real time

Mixed Reality

Learn the many applications and advantages of utilising Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in your business, from accessible training to 3D digital twins


Learn about the emerging Metaverse and how it can be leveraged by your business. Exploring areas such as blockchain, web 3.0, data security and the metaverse marketplace

Drones (sUAV)

Engage in both the theory and practice of drone flight, learning the numerous capabilities of UAVs including Aerial Videography, 3D Modelling, Condition monitoring and even people tracking

Emerging Technologies

Learn how emerging technologies can increase your efficiency, sustainability and resilience to change including pandemic, remote working, diversity and inclusion and supply chain instability

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