Empowering Further Education Colleges to Harness the Power of Emerging Technologies for Students, Leaders and the Business Community

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MKAI is a trusted industry partner for the further education sector in harnessing innovation from emerging technologies. At MKAI, we are dedicated to assisting further education colleges in developing their capacities to navigate the complexities of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, Drones, Digital Transformation, Blockchain, and Virtual and Augmented Reality. 

Our objective is to empower college officials to make well-informed decisions regarding the use of emerging technologies and to effectively prepare students for jobs, catalyze innovation in the business community, and enhance learning opportunities in a sustainable and prosperous future.


To accomplish this, MKAI provides digital upskilling, awareness, and development programmes to further education colleges seeking to promote entrepreneurship and improve digital skills, as well as increase the uptake of emerging technologies across local industries and companies. Our offerings include workshops, courses, and personalised development pathways.

When partnering with MKAI, you will encounter our dedication to excellence as we assist you in unlocking the full potential of emerging technologies and creating a sustainable future for the further education sector.

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